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OS3.8 - Symposium 26 - The Impact of Residential Mobility on Environmental Epidemiology Studies
Wednesday 26 August 2009, 16:00 - 17:30
Vet Theatre 115
Chair: Dan Wartenberg and Geoff Jacquez
OS3.8.1 The Impact of Residential Mobility on Birth Outcomes in Washington State
Sylvia Brown*1,2, Richard Hoskins3, Elizabeth Marshall1, Clifford Weisel1, Gerald Harris1, Denise Roe2, Daniel Wartenberg1
1University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, United States, 2University of Arizona, United States, 3Washington State Department Of Health, United States
OS3.8.2 Residential mobility during pregnancy in the north of England
Susan Hodgson1, Palitha Karunapema1,2, Payam Dadvand1,3, Mark Shirley3, Mary Bythell4, Judith Rankin*1,4
1Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University, United Kingdom, 2Non-Communicable Disease Control Unit, Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition, Sri Lanka, 3Institute of Research on the Environment and Sustainability, Newcastle University, United Kingdom, 4Regional Maternity Survey Office, United Kingdom
OS3.8.3 Residential mobility, cancer and local indicators of geocoding error
Geoffrey Jacquez*1,2, Robert Rommel1
1BioMedware, United States, 2The University of Michigan, United States
OS3.8.4 Approaches for reconstructing exposures accounting for human mobility and space-time variability in environmental contaminants
Jaymie Meliker
Stony Brook University, United States
OS3.8.5 The Impact of Residential Mobility on Exposure Assessment in Cancer Epidemiology
John Nuckols*3,1, Matthew Airola2, Joanne Colt3, Ali Johnson5, Molly Schwenn6, Richard Waddell4, Margaret Karagas4, Debra Silverman3, Mary H. Ward3
1Colorado State University, United States, 2Westat, INC, United States, 3National Cancer Institute, United States, 4Dartmouth College, United States, 5Vermont Dept of Health, United States, 6Maine Dept of Health & Human Services, United States
OS3.8.6 The influence of occupational and residential address data and additional factors on estimates of historical pesticide exposure from a GIS model
Beate Ritz*, Nicole Gatto, Anthony Wang, Myles Cockburn
UCLA, United States