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OS11.5 - Public health, policy, and the environment - oral session
Saturday 29 August 2009 , 11:00 - 12:30
Theatre C006
Chair: Shira Kramer and Andrew Watterson
OS11.5.1 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 2008 Report on the Environment (ROE): Identified Gaps and Future Challenges for Human Exposure and Health Indicators
Patricia Murphy*1, Danelle Lobdell2
1U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, United States, 2U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, United States
OS11.5.2 The future of environmental health, an integrated approach
Henk Hilderink*1, Paul Lucas1, Louis Niessen2
1Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Netherlands, 2Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, United States
OS11.5.3 Mass Psychogenic Illness: Can Experts Agree When It Occurs And How Often?
Lisa Page*1,2, Catherine Keshishian2, Giovanni Leonardi2, Virginia Murray2, Simon Wessely1
1King's College London, United Kingdom, 2Chemical Hazards and Poisons Division, Health Protection Agency, United Kingdom
OS11.5.4 Water, the Mid-East Conflict and Public Health: From Zero-Sum to Win-Win
Ziad Abdeen1, Jamal Safi2, Elihu Richter*3
1Al Quds University, Palestinian Territory, Occupied, 2Environmental Protection Research Institute, Palestinian Territory, Occupied, 3Hebrew University-Hadassah, Israel