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PS3.2 - Noise and health poster session
Friday 28 August 2009, 13:00 - 14:00
O'Reilly Hall
PS3.2.41 Prevalence and Risk Factors of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss among Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cylinder Infusion Workers in Taiwan
Shu-Ju Chang*1, Chin-Kuo Chang2
1Dept of Industrial Management, Aletheia University, Taiwan, 2School of Biomedical Sciences, Universoty of Ulster, United Kingdom
PS3.2.42 Noise Exposure on Welding Workers
Shu-Ju Chang*1, Wen-Ling Chen2
1Dept of Industrial Management, Aletheia University, Taiwan, 2Institute of Environmental Health, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
PS3.2.43 A Study on the Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss of the Diesel-Electric Locomotive Maintenance Workers in Taiwan Railways Administration
Kuo-Hua Wang1, Shu-Ju Chang2, Ching-Ming Chang1, Chen-Yu Wang*1
1Institute of Labor Science, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, 2Department of Industrial Management and Enterprise Information, Aletheia University, Taiwan
PS3.2.44 Occupational noise levels and change in blood pressure among BC firefighters.
Tracy Kirkham*1, Hugh Davies1, Mieke Koehoorn1,2, Paul A Demers1,2
1University of British Columbia, School of Environmental Health, Canada, 2University of British Columbia, School of Population and Public Health, Canada
PS3.2.45 Prolonged exposure to occupational noise and hypertension among workers in the aviation industry.
Jen-Yin Chen*, Ta-Yuan Chang
China Medical University, Taiwan
PS3.2.46 Agiotensiongen gene, noise and their interaction in the development of hypertension among aerospace workers in Taiwan.
Kang-Yin Cheng*, Bing-Fang Hwang, Hsin-Hua Chan
Department and Graduate Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Taiwan
PS3.2.47 Aircraft noise and blood pressure in the populations living near the Ciampino airport in Rome
Carla Ancona*1, Chiara Badaloni1, Valeria Fano1, Tina Fabozzi2, Francesco Forastiere1, Carlo Perucci1, SERA Study Team1
1Epidemiology Department ASL RME, Italy, 2CRISTAL - ARPA Lazio, Italy
PS3.2.48 Aircraft noise and incidence of hypertension among Swedish men and women
Charlotta Eriksson*1, Gösta Bluhm1, Agneta Hilding2, Claes-Göran Östenson2, Göran Pershagen1
1Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, 2Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Endocrine and Diabetes Unit, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
PS3.2.49 Acute Effects of Environmental Noise Exposure on the Control of Cardiac Output in Healthy Adults
Hsiu-Hui Hsieh*, Yu-An Lai, Ta-Yuan Chang
China Medical University, Taiwan
PS3.2.50 Long-term exposure to residential noise and air pollution and risk of cardiovascular diseases in Oslo, Norway - Project design and exposure assessment
Bente Oftedal*1, Gunn Marit Aasvang1, Ruhina Tasmin Biswas1, Sachiko Watanabe2, Per Nafstad2,3, Wenche Nystad2, Per Schwarze1
1Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Division of Environmental Medicine, Norway, 2Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Division of Epidemiology, Norway, 3Institute of General Parctice and Community Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway
PS3.2.51 Is there an association among road traffic noise exposure and cardiovascular risk score?
Lubica Sobotova, Jana Jurkovicova*, Ludmila Sevcikova, Zuzana Stefanikova, Helena Rapantova, Lubica Aghova
Institute of Hygiene, Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University, Slovakia
PS3.2.52 Subjective noise annoyance and road traffic noise exposure in Munich: results of questionnaire data and noise mapping
Martina Kohlhuber*1, Heidi Mayrhofer2, Dieter Kemmather2, Dorothee Twardella1, Hermann Fromme1, Claudia Hornberg3, Gabriele Bolte1
1Department of Environmental Health, Bavarian Health and Food Safety Agency, Germany, 2Department of Environment and Health, City of Munich, Germany, 3Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Environment and Health, Bielefeld University, Germany
PS3.2.53 Current traffic noise exposure assessment and noise effect of distraction in class among children in Xi'an city
Junhan Liu*, Xiaochuan Pan
Peking University, China
PS3.2.54 Level of noise in the urban environment in Kardzhali, Bulgaria
Jeni Staykova
Regional Inspectorate for Protection and Control of the Public Health, Bulgaria
Maria Foraster*1, Mercedes Medina-Ramón1, Xavier Basagańa1, Laura Bouso1, Roberto Elosua2, Dolors Juvinyŕ3, Marcela Rivera1, Eva Santos-Garcés1, Nino Kuenzli1, Alexandre Deltell3
1Centre de Recerca en Epidemiologia Ambiental, Spain, 2Institut Municipal d'Investigació Mčdica, Spain, 3Universitat de Girona, Spain
PS3.2.56 Exposure to noise from personal music players for high school students
Benoit Lévesque*1, Raphaelle Fiset2, Laurence Isabelle2, Denis Gauvin1, Julie Baril3, Richard Larocque1, Suzanne Gingras1, Serge-André Girard1, Tony Leroux3, Michel Picard3
1Institut national de santé publique du Québec, Canada, 2École secondaire Les Compagnons de Cartier, Canada, 3École d’audiologie de l’Université de Montréal, Canada