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PS2.1 - Heavy metals poster session - Children's health
Thursday 27 August 2009, 12:00 - 13:00
O'Reilly Hall
PS2.1.19 The influence of atmospheric total gaseous mercury on the exposure and health effects of school children near the facilities emitting mercury in Korea
Geun Bae Kim*, Jong Hwa Lee, Hee Jin Park, Dae Seon Kim
National institution of envrionmental research, Korea, Republic of
PS2.1.20 Efficacy of succimer chelation of mercury at background exposures in toddlers: randomised trial
Yang Cao1, Aimin Chen2, Robert Jones3, Shyamal Peddada1, Jerilynn Radcliffe4, Kim Dietrich5, Kathleen Caldwell3, Walter Rogan*1
1NIEHS, United States, 2Creighton University, United States, 3CDC, United States, 4Children's Hospital, United States, 5University of Cincinnati, United States
PS2.1.21 Body burdens of mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and lead (Pb) and oocyte fertilization among women undergoing a first cycle of in vitro fertilization 
Michael Bloom*1, Patrick Parsons1,3, Steuerwald Amy1,3, Gregory Coccaro2, Enrique Schisterman4, Richard Browne5, Giulia Conti6, Natasha Narayan6, Victor Fujimoto6
1Department of Environmental Health Sciences, University at Albany, SUNY, United States, 2Department of Biomedical Sciences, University at Albany, SUNY, United States, 3Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, United States, 4Division of Epidemiology, Statistics, & Prevention Research, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, United States, 5Department of Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences, University at Buffalo, SUNY, United States, 6Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences, University of California at San Francisco, United States
PS2.1.22 Environmental pollution and blood lead and cadmium levels among children living around a lead-zinc smelter plant and tailings-pond in the area of Kardzhali, Bulgaria
Jeni Staykova*, Plamen Dimitrov
RIPCPH, Bulgaria
PS2.1.23 Blood Lead Levels of Rural Children and its trend in China
Juan Qin1, Jinliang Zhang*1,2
1Dept of Environmental Pollution and Health, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES), Ministry of Environment Protection, China, 2Dept of Occupational and Environmental Health Science, School of Public Health, Peking University, China
PS2.1.24 A calcium supplementation that reduced lead concentration in pregnant women is associated with a positive effect on length of their offspring the first year of life.
Alejandra Cantoral1, Martha M. Tellez-Rojo*1, Héctor Lamadrid-Figueroa1, Karen Peterson2, Adrienne Ettinger3, Mauricio Hernández-Ávila4, Howard Hu2
1National Institute of Public Health, Mexico, 2Michigan School of Public Health, United States, 3Harvard School of Public Health, United States, 4Ministry of Health, Mexico
PS2.1.25 The relationship between dental caries and unleaded gasoline usage among children
Ya-Hui Yang*1,2, Trong-Neng Wu1,2
1China Medical University, Taiwan, 2Division of Environmental Health and Occupational Medicine, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan